Have you ever noticed the flag of British Columbia?

It has a Royal Union flag which reflects the beautiful and old British Columbia’s heritage, a king Edward Crown to signify royalty and setting sun which indicates its western location. Its flag symbolizes all the best features of the province. It is one of the best Canadian provinces to immigrate, and every year, hundreds and thousands of foreign nationals submit Expression of interest for getting the provincial nomination for PR.

In 2016, the government over there introduced a new scoring system, the Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS) to simplify the immigration process and to allow the arrival of skilled immigrants to the province. If you are interested in immigrating to British Columbia, then you need to understand the contributing factors of SIRS.

How do I calculate my SIRS score?

SIRS includes multiple factors to assess the eligibility of immigration candidates to the province of British Columbia. The factors are:

  • Skill level of the BC Job offer
  • Wage of the BC job offer
  • Regional district of employment
  • Directly related work experience
  • Highest level of education
  • Language

Point Calculator 2019

SIRS point calculator 2019:


Scoring sections

Maximum Points

Economic factors (120) Skill level of the BC Job offer 60
Wage of the BC job offer 50
Regional district of employment 10
Human capital factors (80) Directly related work experience 25
Highest level of education 25
Language proficiency 30

Total points available: 120 + 80 = 200

Economic factors:

Skill level of the BC Job offer

Skill level of the B.C. job offer


NOC Skill Level A (including Skill Type 0) 25
NOC Skill Level B 10
NOC Skill Level C 5
NOC Skill Level D 5
Bonus points
Occupation is a “00” NOC 15
Occupation identified in the B.C. High Demand Occupations List based on in the BC Labor Market Outlook 2018 Edition 10
Currently working in B.C. for the employer in occupation identified in the BC PNP registration 10

Maximum score available: 60

Regional district of employment:

Highest level of education


Doctoral or Master’s degree 17
Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma 11
Bachelor’s degree 11
Trades certification 11
Associate Degree 4
Non-trades certification or Diploma 2
High School 0
bonus points
Post-secondary education completed in B.C 8
Post-secondary education completed in Canada (outside of B.C.) 6
Education Credential Assessment from a qualified supplier 4
Trades certification assessment from the Industry Training Authority 4

Maximum score available: 25

How to apply for Canada PR visa?

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