Canada Family
Sponsorship Program

Undoubtedly, immigration is in high-trend among the young generation in search of better lifestyle and job opportunities; however, it often becomes the reason for the separation of the family. Settling down in a new country is not an easy task, and the burden of accommodation, bread-butter of the whole family frightens individuals so, in most, immigrants need to suffer the pain of separation of their family at the time of immigration.

However, there are some countries like Canada which understands the importance of family in the life of an individual and therefore, regulating the Canada family sponsorship program for their unification. The program has designed to offer maximum benefit to immigrants including social and economic. Neither processing fee nor processing time for such programs is too higher than any regular immigration process. So if you are planning to migrate, then you can think about moving to Canada from India with your family.

Benefits Of Moving To Canada With Family

Being one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, it offers liberal immigration policies along with a large number of immigration programs to ease the entry of immigrants. Keeping in line, immigration to Canada with family turn heads with numbers of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Large Indian community:

Every year, hundreds and thousands of Indians, especially, North Indians immigrate to Canada along with their family. As a result, Canada is often called “Mini Punjab”. So while moving to Canada with family from India, you find a large Indian community there who come from a similar background.

  • Ideal place for the education of kids:

Canadian universities and schools are well-known in the world for their higher standard of education. Moreover, kids of Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada can enjoy free school education and subsidized university education.

  • Secured and safe environment:

Safety is one of the prime concerns at the time of immigration with family and Canada offers a safe and secured environment to all its immigrants.

  • Highest standard of lifestyle:

Canada is very particular about the lifestyle of its residents or citizens so; it offers free health care medical facilities and education, job-oriented programs to ensure a better standard of lifestyle there.

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Requirements For Moving To Canada With Family

Fee Structure Canada Family Visa

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Family Members

Total Fees/person (CAD)

Spouse/common-law partner (below 22 years of age)

Sponsorship fee – $ 75

Processing fee – $ 475

Right of permanent Resident fee – $ 490

Dependent child/adopted relative/Orphan relative

Sponsorship fee – $ 75

Processing fee – $ 475

Any other relative (below 22 years of age)

Sponsorship fee – $ 75

Processing fee – $ 75

Right of permanent Resident fee – $ 490