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Express Entry Program Canada PR Visa

Do you want to operate and settle in Canada? Your dream can come true in a handful of operations as each candidate who wants to migrate to Canada has to go through some PR visa process via the Express Entry System.   This program is very expansive as it promises to provide candidates with a prosperous, luxurious and quality life. It was designed in January 2015 to govern the applications of PR visa. This program is a significant point-based program beneficial to get you a PR visa. This policy importantly remarks of the unique procedure of selecting skilled workers as the country deals in the rich economy. You can be granted a PR visa through the express entry points based on the skills, job experience and many other factors.


Fill the details with your profile: fill all the credentials in the online express entry form including your documents.

Express Entry pool

After the registration, the candidate is provided with the profile number and job seeker validation code. Using the credentials you can also build the resume in Canada job bank.

Overture for application

After gaining the points the candidates are shortlisted and are invited to apply for citizenship

Proposal for PR visa

The last phase is to provide with all the documents within 60 days.



Federal skilled worker

Federal skilled trade program

Canadian experience class program


Once you are done with the profile creation you may start looking for jobs in Canada


If you don’t have enough credit points you can get enough of it through the following factors:

IELTS Giving proof of language capability is one of the important factors that contribute to the growth of your points. Qualifying this exam certainly increases your chance of getting selected and boosts your CRS scores.


Spouse points: candidates who are married are required to incorporate their partner while completing the profile and increase the level of selection by attaining up to 40 points.



Your spouse may attain up to 10 points for their education. Educations that meet the standards of Canadians masters’ degree or higher makes your spouse earn more genuine and maximum points.


Proof of funds

Express Entry candidates are required to obtain a sufficient amount of funds to support themselves in Canada in initial days. The amount collected is directly proportional to the number of members in the family.


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To complete the criteria of express entry for the settlement in Canada you need to respond to certain questions to learn about your eligibility standards. The questions are based on the following:



Education level

Skills level

Arranged job offer


According to the answers given, you can easily find out the suitability of your application. Profiles which meet the requirements are put in a pool of candidates for PR visa and are invited to apply through this.

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