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PNP point calculator 2019

Manitoba Immigration
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If you wish to take pleasure in a rich cultural history and natural beauty, then you should migrate to Manitoba. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is one of the popular immigration programs which recommend a simple pathway to skilled foreign workers, recent graduates, Entrepreneurs and their families to obtain Manitoba PR.

Similar to other Provincial Nominee Program, it applies the point-based gradation system to appoint scores and ranks to the profiles registered under the Program. It has three major categories including, Skilled Worker Stream, International Education stream, Business Investor stream. These categories are further classified into small sub-streams to cover up a large range of immigration profiles.

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Categories of MPNP Sub categories
Skilled Worker Stream Skilled Workers in Manitoba

Skilled Worker Overseas

International Education Stream Career Employment Pathway

Graduate Internship pathway

International Student Entrepreneurship Pilot

Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway

Farm Investor Pathway

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