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Nova Scotia PNP Points Calculator

Once you are prepared to immigrate to Nova Scotia, you have to apply to its Provincial Nominee Program, Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). The province is an ideal immigration destination for individuals who are focusing for a lively and economically stable place. NSNP welcomes the entry of skilled immigrants with skills and experience as Permanent Residents in Nova Scotia through any of its immigration streams mentioned below,

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Skilled Worker
  • Nova Scotia Physician
  • Nova Scotia Entrepreneur
  • Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities
  • Nova Scotia Occupation in-demand

Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry Stream 2019

As the name signifies this immigration category is directly linked to the Federal Express Entry program to nominate skilled workers who can contribute to the growth of the economy of the province.  It has two sub-categories – Category A and Category B, which help skilled labors around the world in finding better-paid jobs quickly in the province.

Category I: It is for the applicants with a full-time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer.

Category II: It is for those immigration applicants who have at least 1 year of working experience if possible in Nova Scotia (but it can be anywhere) within the last 10 years

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